Touch of Amour Anti Aging & Massage Oils: Sesame Oil, Sweet Almond & Apricot Kernel Oil

  • $24.99

Truly amazing skin should always begin with a Touch of Amour. Our body oils contain necessary fatty acids with vitamins and minerals making them ideal to nourish and moisturize your skin and hair. Touch of Amour oils are also perfect to use in aromatherapy and massage.

Huile de guérison naturelle {Natural Healing Oil} is Touch of Amours Sesame oil. Our oil is cold pressed to provide a higher quality oil keeping the many vitamins and minerals intact by not using chemicals or heat in the extraction process. This light, non greasy, non staining oil is perfect for every day use as a moisturizer or for massage. Not only is this oil conditioning and moisturizing helping all skin types stay soft and supple, it also has some astringent abilities to help tighten pores. Helps to destroy bacteria on the skin, so this oil makes a great choice for acne prone or oily skin.

Élégant surprise de la nature {Nature’s Elegant Surprise is Touch of Amours Apricot Kernal Oil. Refined and cold pressed, creating this higher quality oil, making our Apricot kernal oil a popular carrier oil and often used by both aromatherapist and massage therapists. It is a wonderful oil to use as an all over body oil or for massage.

Le miracle de la nature {Nature’s Miracle} is Touch of Amours Sweet Almond Oil. Not only is this little miracle from nature an excellent choice as a carrier oil for aromatherapy and massage, it is also a great choice to use on the face to help slow down the signs of aging. Use under the eye at night to help with dark circles and puffiness. Thanks to the vitamin A in this oil, it is a perfect choice to help with acne prone skin, or other skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema.

Use Touch of Amour body oils alone, with your favorite essential oil, or mix and combine to create your own unique personal skincare combination, for after shower body oil, massage or aromatherapy.