Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls, 4 Can Pack, 12 Balls

  • $15.32

Brand: Penn

Color: Yellow


  • America's #1 selling tennis ball.
  • Official tennis ball of USTA League Tennis.
  • Controlled fiber release for consistent nap.
  • Natural rubber for consistent feel and reduced shock.
  • Interlocked wool fiber for longer wear.

Legal Disclaimer: 15 Penn Championship Extra-Duty Felt Tennis Balls This Package Includes 15 Balls! (5 Cans)

Publisher: PENN

Release Date: 2018-01-01

Details: Penn Championship Extra-Duty, Yellow Tennis Balls. 4 cans of 3 balls with a total of 12 tennis balls.

UPC: 600682784368

EAN: 0033170296638